Heart of a Public Speaker

For me my presentation was more than just a presentation, it was a symbolic act of capping off our 9 months of blood, sweat and tears. As I walked towards the stage I can hear my classmates yelling my name and butterflies in my stomach started to panic. When I was finally facing the crowd, [...]

Pride and Prejudice

In our everyday life we have encounters with people who inspire us to be like them or NOT BE LIKE THEM. One of my significant encounters is more like the latter. We can say that they are the sort of people who disappoint us. But no matter how disappointing they maybe, when we look closer, [...]

Death is Inevitable

It may actually be weird that my first post on my newly reactivated wordpress account would be about death. In less than 12 months, 10 months to be exact, four people close to my heart have gone to a better place. I have never experienced death before as real as now. Last summer one of [...]