Pride and Prejudice

Train stations, we're unexpected encounters happen :)
Train stations, we’re unexpected encounters happen 🙂

In our everyday life we have encounters with people who inspire us to be like them or NOT BE LIKE THEM. One of my significant encounters is more like the latter. We can say that they are the sort of people who disappoint us. But no matter how disappointing they maybe, when we look closer, we realize that we are more like them than we are not.

We are aware that there are things easier said than done. For example, we say to love our neighbor as God has loved us. Even if we know it by heart most of the time our hormones get the best of us.

We snap at the simplest of things. And oh mind you, STRESS LEVELS is not an excuse. Being able  to control ourselves even when our stress is skyrocketing is a sign of maturity. We just can’t breathe fire on anyone who gets in our way when we’re on our second day of our period or if our exam results didn’t turn out the way we wanted it or when  we’re having a bad hair day.

We get infuriated when people doesn’t meet our standards because we say we can’t tolerate mediocrity. But you know that’s just SELF-CENTERDNESS being sugar coated. We think so highly of ourselves that when people doesn’t meet our expectations we make our very best to make them feel sorry and stupid for it.

We feel cheated when things didn’t turn out the way we wanted it. We felt like we’re at the losing end and there’s never gonna be another day. This I tell you, MOVE ON! The world does not exist to please you! That’s life, sometimes we loose sometimes we win, sometimes we get what we want, sometimes we don’t.

And WE CHEAT. When we think no one’s looking around to tell us we’re wrong we let hell break lose. I once heard someone say, “I just drink when my church mates are not around.” Beautiful isn’t it? Beautiful reminder that we shouldn’t be like that because YOU KNOW WHO’S WATCHING YOU.

Us being Christians or in our instance, WOMAN OF GOD has no vacation leaves. We just can’t stop God from being captivated by us and constantly watching  us. We can’t give Him a “stress excuse” or “my-classmate-is-so-stupid excuse”  or “no-one’s-watching excuse”. Since we have surrendered our lives to God, we have given Him Lordship over everything and I mean EVERYTHING! Its all or nothing. We have to set aside our pride and prejudices and accept HUMILITY.

Its when  we humble ourselves before God that we begin to grow and blossom into a beautiful lady that God wants us to be.


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