Heart of a Public Speaker

For me my presentation was more than just a presentation, it was a symbolic act of capping off our 9 months of blood, sweat and tears. As I walked towards the stage I can hear my classmates yelling my name and butterflies in my stomach started to panic. When I was finally facing the crowd, I was so thankful for deciding against wearing my glasses, 50% of them were blurry HAHAHA! When I said my “good afternoon” there were deafening cheers and applause. And that unexpected support washed away all my anxiety and fears (btw, i forgot my script on my seat. perfect).

“the results of this study may be CONTRADICTORY to the established beneficial effects of fish oil but this a SIGNIFICANT IMPLICATION on the cardiovascular health of the Filipinos”

As I was delivering my presentation, I wan’t planning to impress the crowd. All I wanted was to have them listen to me. I need their attention.  Because it has always been my belief as a trained public speaker that,

What is the point of winning the competition if I didn’t get my message across?

Yes, I came prepared to present. I practiced for it. Being  God’s child, working with excellence is the only option. Never be ashamed to admit  you have prepared. And whatever you do, do it with all your heart.

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.

– Colossians 3:23

thesis title
thesis title

Let me give you brief background why this presentation is so important for my group and I. It was 9 months ago when were unwillingly grouped together. With little hope, we searched and clamored for a thesis adviser. And HOLAA! we found the fb profile of one of San Beda’s junior faculty, Dr. Howell Crisostomo, a university researcher, as it says on his page. To cut the long story short, we did several meetings inside the faculty lounge and rob manila. As the group started the experimentation, several unavoidable and avoidable problems surfaced. From materials to rats to tardiness.  There were several heated arguments and I was involved in most :)) When results were analyzed and it turns out that our Bangus Fish Oil appears to be harmful, we were devastated. Fascinatingly, when told this to our adviser, he  found it amusing.  He said that its even better.

Because that’s research. You have to be flexible. What’s the point of doing research if you are just trying to prove something that’s been discovered before. With your study you are contributing new knowledge in this field. This will spark curiosity.

With those words, we were encouraged to go on. And I was personally determined to show that this study is remarkable. It may be contradictory to popular studies but I believe this will be contributory the health of the Filipinos in particular. We understand if certain people find the result unacceptable because the expected did not  happen. Its ok. We have braced ourselves for that.

Team Chanos Chanos group-fie 😉

In research, there will be people who would be against your work but that’s what makes you a better researcher. You have to listen to them and take their criticisms to improve your study.

Dr. Howell Crisostomo

With all our sacrifices, learning and  death of our adviser, my long locked up heart of a public speaker has taken the burden and has risen to the challenge to be able to deliver the implication of our study with impact. To prove to everyone that even with our tragic loss, we can still finish strong.

9 months had been a journey. We had several detours but in the end, happiness is not a destination its the journey and the people you travel with.

Before I say may thanks, I’d like to ask forgiveness from all the people especially my group mates whom I have lost my temper. with. I know I have the tendency to be mataray and palaban. I won’t justify my actions. I’m sorry for all the words I will never be able to take back.

Thank you Team Chanos Chanos for all your hard work and  brilliance. We are more than a group. We are a team, we are friends. I wouldn’t have it any other way. YOU ARE THE BEST!

Bangus Boys :))
Bangus Boys :))
Bangus Girls :))


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