People of the Medical Profession VS Kim Henares

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The ad released by the BIR first rendered me speechless in disbelief. After a moment of mutism, I felt raged.  How can these people from our government insult a noble profession? How dare you Kim Henares!? But later I’d ask myself, what’s making me so angry? And I think, admit it or not, at least one of the following is your very own:

1. WE ARE DOCTORS (well in the process of being one at least). We are so used to being hailed and respected by society. Take a pause doctors. We are so used to it that we feel we are entitled with nothing less than respect and admiration from the people we have chosen to serve.  While it is true that respect is due, let us take the time to evaluate our motivations. Are we thinking so highly of ourselves that an unwarranted insult enrages us? Have we forgotten the value of humility?

2. WE WORKED HARD FOR THIS. Posts about what we had to go through in order to save lives  are being shared all over the social media. Yes, we worked hard for it, sacrificed our youth and dedicated our very lives. No one’s questioning that, not even the BIR. Doctors, medical students, do we think that because we have labored so hard that we deserve so much respect? Sorry to break it to you but its not by our our abilities that we have achieved but its by God’s will and grace. In case you haven’t noticed or just hate to admit, we were a step closer to God than we were before we entered med school. We are so desperate in prayers especially during exams. It may sound mystical but whatever we have attained in this field is all because of God.  Us alone will never be enough. So we cannot shove to Kim Henares’ face the blood, sweat and tears we shed in studying.


3. WE SERVE THE SOCIETY. There are hundreds of doctors who serve in the barrios, under compensated. There are doctors who pay for hospital expenses of their patients. There are doctors who don’t ask for a professional fee. And the list goes on for the heroic acts of our doctors. And I believe this profession has earned due respect. Respect is due to our doctors as much as it is for our teachers, janitors, vendors, lawyers, soldiers and so much more. And that BIR ad is derogatory. It is downright unfair. We are not a burden to this society.

BIR Commissioner Kim Henares
BIR Commissioner Kim Henares

Dear Kim Henares,

We are not denying the fact that there are doctors who are not paying their taxes correctly. Yes it is a truth difficult to swallow.  But it is unfair to label all doctors as tax evaders. You say you are not pertaining to all  doctors, it was just meant for some, “bato bato sa langit ang tamaan wag magalit”. In case you missed, the ad was GENERALIZING all members of the profession. There were no preceding words such as SOME or A NUMBER OF.  You could have done that if you wanted na tamaan lang ang dapat tamaan.

But that is not the point of my argument Ma’am. Why give tax evaders the face of a doctor? A tax evader can be anyone.  ANYONE. It could be a vendor,  a TV personality, a politician, a BIR employee. ANYONE, Ma’am.  Why choose a doctor to depict it? Because you were expecting so much from doctors? Because you all have the mindset na MAYAYAMAN ANG MGA DOCTOR? Oh please! that is totally preposterous! First 10 years in practice wouldn’t even be enough to pay off what we spent in school. It would take another 10 years  or so before doctors could  live  well.

Ma’am I commend your dedication to going after tax evaders.  But we want justice. Do it fairly.  If you have an issue with doctors, you should have gone to PMA, asked for a large meeting and reprimand all members of the profession personally. AND OH NICELY.  That ad is a work of desperation. I’d like to believe you have a great mind of a leader. You have a enough sense to realize this ad is wrong. That you should put it down and give a public apology. Asking for forgiveness is not a weakness. It is an act of courage.

link to statement given by Henares regarding the ad:

As much as Kim Henares must evaluate her actions, we medical students and doctors also have to  evaluate our humility and “sense of entitlement”

I know I am supposed to be studying for tomorrow’s IM exam and pedia pracs but I just need to write this first to put it off my mind. HAHA!

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