7 Reasons Why Joaquin Manansala is Ideal

I don’t think it would be an overstatement to say that Got to Believe is one of the most successful drama in the history of Philippine TV.  Setting aside the fact that it trends every other night, the plot is really good and the characters are commendable. It would actually be unnecessary for me to give brief background of the story.


Joaquin San Juan Manansala is played by the sensational 18 year old heart throb Daniel Padilla. Others might view his character as just pakilig lang or patweetums. But for particular reasons I beg to disagree:

1. He fights and stands for who he loves. There was never a time when he was confused or had second thought whom he should  pursue. But he may be excused when he lost his memory. HAHAH!

2. He loves his parents especially his mom. Despite all the disappointments and  heartbreaks his mom has caused he remained faithful and obedient to her. No matter how difficult, he remained thoughtful on how he could be please her. He was ready to first fix things with his mom before rekindling his relationship with Chichay.

3. He loves Chichay’s family. please ladies find a man who will respect and love your family.

4. Chichay’s family loves Joaquin.  

5. He is willing to learn. Find a man who is humble to seek knowledge from those who know better.

6. He is good looking. needless to say it is important that you are physically attracted to each other. You wouldn’t want to wake up next to a face that you despise. Or you couldn’t just pray everyday for the strength to accept how he looks.

7. He believes in forever. Find a man who has a concept of forever.  Avoid men who would just want a temporary relationship, unsure of his commitment.

These qualities make him sound perfect but for sure he is still flawed but these qualities are definitely non-negotiables 🙂

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