Lessons From A Grade Conscious


We all give a disapproving look to that one classmate who can’t move on and fusses a lot with that one mistake that would land her a final exam exemption or will land her a spot on the top 10.

But why do we all secretly despise  a grade conscious? Or wouldn’t admit we are one? What lesson can we learn  from them?


They prepare. And some are not comfortable  admitting that. I don’t understand, why most are ashamed of acknowledging we have prepared. Always downplaying “no, I really haven’t studied anything for the exam.” Even if we really did. I think its because of two reasons:

  • We want something to boast. “Hey I didn’t study, I got a  good score (Am I not amazing?)”
  • We are scared. “Aww you studied and you failed. Poor you!”

There is nothing wrong with preparation.  Success never depends on chance. Every successful person has studied, trained and worked. But always remember:

It is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, so that no one may boast.

Ephesian 2:9

for whoever promotes himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be promoted.

Mathew 23:12

2.  They are goal oriented and focused. More often than not we are scared to committing to a goal. Because If we fall short from achieving, its a point against  us.

Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.

3.  They aim for excellence. Unknowingly we are contented to settling for less. Aiming for mediocrity. We always limit ourselves.  This I tell you, “DREAM BIG AND MAKE IT HAPPEN!” Go out of your comfort zone. You’ll never know what you are capable until you’ve actually done it.

4. They can  be self-centered. This time learn by not committing the same mistakes. Life doesn’t depend on that one point! So what if you didn’t pass this just one exam? It proves you are human. Everybody fails. Somebody else failed! So please be a little discrete on reprimanding yourself on “being stupid”. You might be humiliating someone else. Your failure doesn’t define you.

5.  They can be insensitive. This goes with number 4. There will come a time, that they might breathe fire on you and humiliate if you don’t deliver to their standards of excellence. Dear not-grade-conscious-ones, please bear this in mind, you might want to be really really really efficient if you team up with them if you don’t wanna be at the receiving end of their mighty wrath. GCs, slow down. The world doesn’t exist please you 🙂 Sometimes, emotions rule. They get the best of us. And its a sign of maturity to be able to control our actions and words. What’s been said and done will never be taken back. We can say sorry. But the damage has been done.

Actually, everything is a matter of balance. Stay at the middle of the spectrum. Never a mediocre settling for least nor an overtly self-centered grade conscious.  Be someone people will love to work with because you inspire them to excel.


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