I.M Awesome :))

So done with our IM rotation! well generally I’m happy its over only because it means i’m done with one of 4 major rotations for junior internship. I’m having separation anxiety right now haha! 

My apprehension before the start of June (IM rotation) was sky rocketing. Like hello! My first rotations were relatively chill and this is internal medicine. INTERNAL MEDICINE. OH GOSH. I really didn’t how to insert IV and all the other stuff. I know how to extract, I’m a RMT alright but come on, the last time I did, was almost 4 years ago. To make everything more worrisome, we would be first blood. No endorsements from previous batches. We have no idea how the residents are gonna be like.


But all fears and worries were set aside when we saw and felt how EVERYONE from residents to post grad interns to nurses to nursing attendants to utilities were so welcoming, patient and respectful toward us. I appreciate how kind they were in teaching us how to do routine procedures. We’d never hear from them any note of distaste or see raised eyebrows from our lack of experience and knowledge on our field. No matter how inexperienced we were, everyone made us feel important. They welcomed us as part of the team.

I will forever be thankful to all the nurses we’ve worked with. I super appreciate their prompt and efficient assistance in everything we need and do. I cherish the genuine respect they have given us. And I will forever adore their dedication and compassion.10537817_10204690288603403_1173153266629586500_n


I am also grateful for our post grad interns for being marvelous examples! 🙂 Thank you for actually being our ate’s and kuya’s seeing to it that we learn as you have learned. For all the “ka-toxican” that we shared, thanks for somehow making it light and chill. (And for the record: HINDI AKO TOXIC! HAHA!) And to board exams you go! FIGHTING! I’ll be standing with you in prayer ❤

To our residents, I will always look up to you. Through your work you have shown us the indispensability of internal medicine. Your zeal in treating our patients is admirable. Thank you for not making us feel inferiors. Thank you for treating us as colleagues, a part of the team. Aside from awe and respect, I give you my virtual slow clap and standing ovation :))

10533407_10203505414328975_3751029165489334682_nI think I can brag to that I learned a lot from skills to knowledge to values. The first 2 things I learned are relatively easy to acquire. The values I learned are, if I may say, remarkable and irreplaceable. Here’s the top 5

1. Our ability to work in a team is important in this field.

2. There are 2 types of diligence:

a. natural diligence- – working conscientiously and tirelessly even no one notices

b. artificial diligence – persevering only to gain approval


3. We don’t live in a perfect world. We’ll meet colleagues who will disappoint us and make us vow to be never like them.

4. Professionalism is never seen in our degrees rather on our ability to stay composed, keep our cool, be rational and give respect in the most difficult situations.

5. Our patients are not cases to be solved. They are people to be treated with utmost regard and compassion.16681_10203505424329225_963985608741291954_n10565208_10203505402968691_7494213743070984883_n

IM Junior Intern Camarillo signing off 🙂

photos grabbed from Dr. Sajonas, Dr. Caballero, JI Mafy and JI Tin 🙂


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