For The First Time In Forever

I am doing this entry because yesterday deserves it! HAHA! For what felt like centuries, its our (at least for me) first time to once again live a day like 14 year old’s, carefree. Overlooking the Taal volcano while playing catch, laughing, teasing, running and dancing until we we were all breathless and drenching with sweat. AND HUNGRY. again.

10448535_10202838163574756_5422587397218749670_o    10631198_10202838132333975_5139164820531239932_o (1)  10256553_10202838134334025_3591154197406899750_o

I love how some things never change. When we visited our foster families from last summer’s community immersion, that warm genuine welcome has always been consistent. Months and years may pass but we will forever look back to that place where we found the true definition of compassion. We will keep coming back to that place where our hearts found second home.

       10504865_10202838081052693_3551761542383705297_o  10014953_10202838096933090_8174513190658029814_o  

       1522476_10202838080892689_322821096842969577_o 10563067_10202838081012692_3589499801838208546_n

After our canossa visit, we proceeded with our master plan of living the day young, wild and free because #YOLO right? HAHAHA! long drive, singing along with 90’s music playing on the radio, munching on junk foods (who you calories?), kinda “flight of ideas” conversations, taking “mala-turista photos”, basking in a clear weather, savoring sweet sweet pineapple, throwing the frisbee disk aimlessly, trying softball, birthday song gone ballad, filling our hyper- expandable stomachs, eyes glued on beyonce video playlist, planning on rorouni kenshin, music 21 and mercato while yawning and eyes drooping on our way back to manila and falling sound asleep as small raindrops started to silently touch the car windows.  8 21 2014 surely felt like sunshine, daisies, sea breeze, rainbow, skittles, and everything nice.



    10572044_10202838163694759_2087195360061060401_o  10560289_10202838168814887_18244498715465114_o  10494932_10202838158254623_9026401662903695303_o

    10339431_10202838158294624_7282069891635378537_o   10634126_10202838153374501_1789690353734536573_o    10608332_10202838138654133_6268732310768223153_o




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