He got this!

Hi meet Daniel, he is someone who almost has everything to look up to. He’s got looks and he’s got brains. He was also offered a nice job (probably high paying, he’s gonna be serving the king after all!). In line with this job offer he has to train and prepare himself.  But the catch is that the training process is not pleasing to God. But Daniel found a way to “train” to be worthy of the job offer without compromising his beliefs.

“But Daniel resolved not to defile himself with the royal food and wine and he asked the chief official permission not to defile himself this way” – Daniel 1:8

But come think of it, it wasn’t exactly that Daniel wiggled himself from compromising his beliefs all by himself. It was actually God who provided a way out.

“Now God caused the official to show favor and compassion to Daniel” – Daniel 1:9

In our work (or basically everyday life) more often than not we will be put in a situation where we will be forced to compromise our beliefs. Sometimes the world requires us to forsake the truth in order to climb our way up. To chase our dreams the world is telling us to turn our heads from God. But just like Daniel we have to stand firm. There will be a way out.

Sometimes we think we are trapped in our fields, in our profession, in our current season.  Daniel and his friends were technically an exile when Jerusalem was besieged by Babylon and they even faced death when the king got angry and frustrated. The king was demanding something no human can do! But God turned the seemingly impossible situation as a platform for Daniel to excel. It is not by his ability but instead of God’s faithfulness in his life. And through this even the king came to recognize God’s greatness.

We may not yet see why we are where we are but for as long as in our heart of hearts we know we are where God wants us to be, everything will fall into place.  He got this! 🙂

reference: Book of Daniel chapter 1 and 2 NIV



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