What Heo Joon Jae Taught Us: A Moral Lesson from LOTBS

Legend Of The Blue Sea finale is beautiful because it transcends happily-ever-afters. And we can learn so much from it. Whether you’re a kdrama fan or not but for as long as you know the word love and patience you should continue reading.


Sim Cheong played by Jun Ji Hyun had to leave Lee Min Ho’s character Heo Joon Jae to go back to sea for recuperation since she sustained a gunshot wound to the heart. She was away for 3 years. During this time Joon Jae entered law school and interned to become a prosecutor. Also in the last episode it showed that he prepared for Sim Cheong’s come back. Every day he would read his journal to keep Cheong’s memory alive. He also bought a simple house near the beach where they could live together.


I love how he waited. It’s actively waiting. When he was left, he didn’t lock himself in his room and wallowed in despair. Instead he found a way to improve himself. He made himself a better person. He prepared so when the one he loves comes everything is ready.


I guess we should be the same while waiting for our own love story to unfold. We have to actively wait. We can’t just be just passively waiting for Mr. Right (or Ms. Right) to come and sweep us off our feet. We also have to make ourselves a Ms. Right (or Mr. Right). We have to cultivate ourselves and grow our character. I think the reason why Joon Jae was compelled to act that way was the assurance that eventually everything will fall into place. No matter how long it takes. While we wait we can be assured that God is writing a beautiful story.

It was also notable how Joon Jae did not rush things. When he went to the sea to watch the sunrise and sunset he could have decided to just drown himself and risk his life to force Sim Cheong to come out by saving him. But he did not. He waited. Because he knows that the person he loves is also preparing to be the best she could be. While we wait God is also preparing the other person. We don’t have to risk being broken by entering into fleeting relationships.

Heo Joon Jae taught us that there is beauty in waiting and we can trust that the heavens will unfold our love story in its perfect time.




photos are from google image search 🙂 

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