Lessons from Mommy

The best way to teach is to show how it is done. And my mom is one of my 2 all time favorite mentors.
From her I learned to partake in the joy of others. One of the earliest memories I had of my mom is I think when I was about 3 or 4 yrs old that she’d buy me paper dolls and play it with me. When I was older, I had
thing for collecting Harry Potter stuff. So she bought me HP posters, put it in large frames and hung it my room. When I was in college, I started kdrama fangirling. During school breaks, she’d watch it me. And recently she sent me to travel to Seoul to support my #fangirlgoalgoals. I learned that loving is intentional and you have to actively take an effort to show it.

From her I learned gentleness. She showed me that you can always speak the truth with love. That you can lead without being bossy by remembering to put yourself in the shoe of others.

From her I learned patience and understanding. Being the harsh talker that i could be, I know that it always tests her patience. But her responses prove that love is patient and kind.

From her I learned that true beauty comes from within but still it wouldn’t hurt to also be beautiful on the outside. Haha! She taught me how to showcase myself. Stand tall (literally), don’t slouch, chest out stomach in, don’t be shy and dress appropriately. She taught me that its also important to love myself and be confident of my identity.

From her I learned that things are not as complicated as I always see them to be. Whenever i’m confused and need answers whether it be on math, debate topic or life as it is, she always offers the simplest effective solution.

From her I learned that the best of friends could be found at home. When I was in high school, i’d go straight to the kitchen after the driver drops me off. While she cooks cinammon crisps or wraps banana for merienda, I’d tell her my stories for the day. Her genuine interest taught me that time and listening are gifts to the person we offer them to.

From her I learned to pray. That in everything I do should be according to His will. She taught us not to just pray for ourselves, every night our family prayer would end with “Bigyan Niyo po ng love and peace ang aming tahanan at ang buong mundo.”

From her I learned to say NO and to toughen up. I can vividly remember the last days before I have to permanently move to Manila for college. “Wag kang magddrugs, wag ka munang magbboyfriend, kundi naku…,Girelle, makakatikim ka samin ng daddy mo!, sinasabi ko sayo” 😂😂 I was 15 when I moved to Manila, now I’m turning 26 and I have faithfully obeyed her. Besh, no drugs, no boyfriend. Ganern. Haha!

Growing up with a mom like her, i realized that what defines and shapes life are not the big dramatic events rather its the everyday things that we do that matters. It counts as the pixels of the big picture.

Every time I remember what my mom has done from cooking our meals to sorting our laundry to taking care of us to attending our graduations, I can’t help but be thankful. Because she has always been one of the biggest evidences of God’s blessing, generosity and love.

I love you mommy! Happy mother’s day!


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