Lessons Learned, Daddy Version

My relationship with daddy is relatively unique. Even when miles apart most times of the year, we maintain a good communication. Actually good is an understatement. I constantly tell him everything. With my dad, i can be a 5 year old pabebe Geng or a 15 year old clueless and vulnerable Gel or a 25 year old Dra. Camarillo all at the same time. 
My dad is kinda dramatic. There were days he’d call and say he misses me. He’d ask me how my days were and he’d update me about his work and plans. And we’d end our 40mins convo with exchanges of “I love you’s” even my nurse or my friends could overhear it.

So you see, in special occassions, I ran out of words to say to him. Because basically we have a way of constantly making each other feel loved even on ordinary days. So instead let me share with you the lessons I learned from my amazing super dad. And hope you pick up some of it too. But most importantly also realize the things you learned from your own fathers.

Daddy taught me a lot of things. Or more like passed on to me 95% of his genes. So I caught on his visions and disciplines effortlessly.

He taught me patience and multiplication table. You see teaching me math has to be partnered with patience. Because there’s no hint that half of my family is composed of engineers.

He taught me how to sometimes look at life from a helicopter point of view and consider small things as the pixels to my big picture.

He showed me that I can go places if I fall in love with reading. And until today, I’m head over heels.

He showed me how to be assertative and proactive. Its his fault, i’m quite an alpha female.

He treated me like a princess and I shouldn’t think or allow anyone to treat me any less.

He showed me what excellence is. And that mediocrity is not acceptable.

He taught me how to exceed expectations. To always surpass my own limitations. To always best myself. Daddy has been the wind beneath the wings of this young doctor.

He showed me how to think outside the box and yet be deliberate.

He taught me never to say “Hindi ko po alam.” Rather, respond with “aalamin ko po.”

But the most important lesson I learned from daddy, is that love is an action word. You may not be the most affectionate or generous person; but if that’s what it takes to make the other peson feel loved, you’d do it anyway. Because that’s what it takes to love, to go beyond who you are.

Happy father’s day daddy! I love you to the moon and back and back again na may kasamang stopover sa sun at neptune kahit out of the way. Haha! 😗😗


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