13 Reasons Why (You Should Take Up Medicine)

I believe I have read enough posts doing social media rounds highlighting the difficulties of medical school and training coming up with the conclusion that you shouldn’t repeat the mistake we had of choosing this career. More than enough has been said on that. So this time let me tell you differently. Let me share with you some reasons I picked up along the way that kept me going. And I hope and pray that as you read this, you find the reason and courage to continue the fight or start the race.
Here it goes:
1. You know cool stuff others don’t and its interesting. Really. Like knowing the nitty gritty of how the steak you ate gets digested or how blood gets pumped all throughout the body or how there could be medical explanations for existence of werewolf and vampire stories.
2. It reveals a part of you you’ve never known or imagined. Medicine will bring out the best and worst in you. Maybe you didn’t know you could memorize 15 pages in an hour or throw things when you get frustrated. You think you know yourself? But wait there’s medical school.
3. Being a doctor almost always puts you in the best position. No its not just about being exempted from number coding. But doctors are in the best position to educate. In this world with rampant ignorance, it is a pleasure and a responsibility to share reliable info from our field.
4. You get to meet a wide range of people – professors, students, CEO, farmer, drivers, beggars, celebrities, priests. And its a privilege because from all of them you learn and grow. 
5. It’ an instant “WOAW!”. Wherever you go, whoever you meet they can’t help but be amazed once they find out you’re a doctor.
giphy-downsized (2)
6. You’re a go-to-person. Even you’re just a medicine freshman who’s on your 1st sem, people are gonna ask your opinion about their toothache, headache, tummy ache, athlete’s foot, acne breakout, itchy groin area – name it. And its amusing 😜
7. Everyone will be rooting for you. Whether its your mommy and daddy or your yaya, or your distant tita or your 7th cousin or family friend, they will all be cheering for you to finish the race. No matter how long it takes, no matter how many tries. And at the finish line, they will be there waiting, cheering and shedding more tears than you do. Its comforting to take on a battle you know the world is with you even the odds may not always be on your favor.
giphy-downsized (5)
8. You will never go hungry. While it is true that in medicine you may not be justly compensated but you will always be compensated enough. Enough for decent meals, decent clothes, decent treats for parents and decent travel goals.
giphy-downsized (6)
9. That white coat is sexy.
10. The shots you call can impact lives. You can you change the world for as long as you are ready to take on that vision. One patient at a time, one life at a time. 
11. It makes your parents extra proud.  
12. You grow. Wether you like it or not, you have to. You will learn to let go parts of yourself that hinder you from running the race and embrace those that will keep you going. At the end, you will emerge redefined. 
13. Everyday is a miracle. If you’ve become jaded and stopped believing in goodness and miracles, try medical school, the medical field – everyday is a miracle. A display of God’s mercy, grace  and love.
giphy-downsized (4)

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