Kita Kita and Finally Found Someone 


My take on Kita Kita and Finally Found Someone as a casual movie goer:
Kita Kita is good. Its amusing and refreshing. The acting is natural. But at some point i have to disagree with some of its exceptionally high praises. Because I was confused with the label of their relationship. At the end, techinically they were just “friends.” Though Tonyo’s intentions were honest, his actions were way beyond the definitions of their relationship. “Chancing” kasi Tonyo haha and at some point bumigay na rin si Lea to being “touchy”. Which actually made me sort of uncomfortable maybe because I felt there’s something wrong with what they’re doing given their hazy relationship status and everyone else thinks its fine.

On the otherhand I think Finally Found Someone transcends more to the emotions of the viewers. Sarah G is always   refreshing to watch because of her wholesome image which also perfectly fits her character in this movie. And John Loyd is as charming and dazzling and natural as ever. No one would have done it better for his role. His “pacute” acting delivers ❤

I also like how they raised the concept of one probably is just in love with the idea of falling in love. And the idea that one should be whole before learning to love wholly. And that one is WORTH THE WAIT.

Tho I must say na medyo napacringe ako with the “dear future husband/wife” cards. Its oversensationalized and at some point it became “umay”.

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