Why We Do What We Do: Medicine Board Operations

Practicing a new tradition, medicine board ops, is synonymous to breaking the culture of hierarchy in the medical field.

I don’t exactly know how it started. But one thing I know, the practice is bringing everyone together. Though we may have individual differences we have one common selfless desire – to serve. There’s not much common goal that’s as selfless as the goal of doing the medicine board operations.

During the board ops it is our heart to serve the examinees in every way we can. It doesn’t matter even if we are their seniors. We’d pile boxes of water into the bus; run back to the canteen to get the empanada, their breakfast for the day; wait at the entrance of exam sites to distribute meals; and cheer our hearts out even if it means getting stares from parents. Also the relentless support of their juniors who look up at them, and say to themselves “I may have flunked that biochem exam, but I will pick up myself and be like them in the future.” Their juniors who willingly exchange their handouts for clappers to boost the weakening spirit of our examines after PLE takers’ impossible anatomy exam or before the most dreaded preventive medicine exam. Even our monks and school band, who’d trade their rest day to give our examinees a hero’s welcome at the lion’s den.

Dr. San Juan and Dr. Santos
Dr. Vinluan and I 🙂
Dr. Montallana and Dr. Moralina
Dr. Bundal

We just didn’t serve them. But also believed with all our hearts that they will make it. We all refused to believe otherwise. AS ONE BEDAN COMMUNITY WE HAD FAITH – faith in God and faith in our graduates. Truly, faith can move MPLs 🙂 This batch is our school pride, giving us a place in the Top 10 Performing Schools, the first of many in our college’s history.



The medicine board operation brings the students, the alumni, the admin, the entire community together in prayer, in trial, in waiting and in celebration. It breaks mindset of superiority and creates a culture of humility. We will continue doing this with the hope that all future examinees and licensed doctors learn to pay it forward in whatever way possible. And that this will forever change our medical community which has been long lost among prideful hearts.



photo credits to our very own Oculus Photography Society


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