Series: 40 Prayers for PH

Traffic, President Duterte, online bullying, EJKs, doctor shaming, fake news, Ellen Adarna’s rumored pregnancy – the list goes on for the things that are going on in our country. We are quick to share these news posted with our unsolicited views and rants. While we are entitled to our own opinion and emotions and freedom of speech, I believe it is also a responsibility to pray for our nation. We can’t expect other nations to beg eagerly to God on our behalf for the coveted change in our country. That task is ours to fulfill.

Was there ever time when you saw an unpleasant tiring news in your feeds, stopped scrolling and sincerely prayed? An honest prayer uttered to God not the one you type in the caption section ended with #prayforJuanDelaCruz? I urge everyone to quit being keyboard warriors and choose to be prayer warriors instead. Waging war against the disappointments, frustrations, corruption and injustices through prayer and faith.

I will be starting a blog series – 40 Prayers for PH. Released every week aiming to encourage friends and others to pray, to hope, and to believe for our nation. You can message or comment prayer suggestions too.

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