The Millennial Medical Student

Neil Howe and William Strauss were credited for first coining the term, millennial. They defined the Millennial cohort as consisting of individuals between 1982 and 2004. Although there are different proposed dates from different
sources. The earliest is 1976 and the latest is 2004.

It is said that the millennials is the most misunderstood generation. In an attempt to get to know more about the generation that is an increasingly part of today‘s workforce several studies have been made.
One is by Gallup, in this study it was found that SENSE OF PURPOSE is what makes millennials stay in the workplace.

Let’s put this in the context of medical school in light of us millennial medical students (or was a student in my case) Most choose to stay to “work” for the title, the dream. But while you’re at it have you truly found your
sense of purpose? Where is your sense of value anchored to?

Or along the way have you lost your sense of purpose consumed by the expectations? One day you wake up and ask, “Why am I here?” Still unable to find the answer, you brush off uncertainty and chose to stay nevertheless. Because
you don’t want to be perceived a failure. You drag yourself everyday. Waiting to finally reap the reward of your labor, the recognition of people.

I always rally medical students “Enjoy the journey. That 10 years after you get your degree you’d look back and say that you’d gladly do it again.” But I understand it is easier said than done. It is difficult to be joyous in
between failing exams or frustrating small group discussions. Take time from your tightly budgeted 24hrs to refocus your perspective, redefine your values and remind yourself of your purpose.

One of my mentors once reminded me that when my body is tired and my spirit is consumed, take a pause and ask myself why I did this in the first place. For me, because I know God has called me to be a doctor and through it I will
be able to make an impact, a change. What is it for you?

Your purpose isn’t relative. Your value isn’t anchored to your grades. Your failures don’t dictate your worth…,neither your achievements. You wake up, you go on, you thrive because you walk in the assurance of your calling. In
this journey that is medical education your purpose is to learn and to train. This season is more than just learning to be a doctor, this is the time for your character to be pruned in all aspects.
Embrace and maximize this time. Every season is a preparation for the next.

Stay not because you have no choice but stay because you choose to OOWN IT! AAAND SLAAAY IT!


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