As I looked back to what has been this year, I felt like it wasn’t much. No big life events such as passing the Physician Licensure Exam in 2016 or medical school graduation in 2015. But as I look through my 2017 planner, there are actually a lot of little things that make this year beautiful. Like little pixels of a big picture. I realized that this has been a SEASON OF PAUSE. You know how you pause a movie and when you look at the still picture before you, you start to notice things you won’t see if it’s in motion. That’s my 2017, a SEASON OF PAUSE.
This year, I was able to do more than when I would have been preoccupied fulfilling my timeline and expectations around me. I was able to tick off somethings from my long overdue bucket list entries. Maybe in my own timeline it is past the due date but I think God has set it up in a rather beautiful perfect timing.

DISCIPLESHIP 2017 – as medics volunteer, MOA ARENA

This year, I somehow find my way how to give back to people around me by being part of more medical missions and other volunteer events. At around February and March, I was able to channel my inner obsessiveness to details by preparing travel itineraries. On spring, I was in Seoul for 1 week to live my fangirl dreams of 10 years and counting. In June, my family and I were in Hong Kong in time for the celebration of my 26th birthday. The 26 year old, medical degree holder is as amused as the 5 year old kid dressed in Disney princess with the Lion King musical show.

Lion King Musical at Disneyland, Hong Kong, JUNE 25 2017 (26th birthday)

In August I pushed thru with my Taipei trip booked with impulsiveness last April. It was a 5 day solo travel of a noob blogger challenging herself to explore outside her comfort zone. When I got back I have some new duties to fulfill. A daughter to a family with a start-up business. So in place of my parents living abroad, I have to fill their positions in business meetings held in hotels of at least 2 hour drive from our home in far far away. I also have to educate myself with information alien to me such as goat breeding, silage, taxes and profits. It’s refreshing to learn infos outside the concept of human body.

20170412_184743 (1)
Aerial view of Seoul, South Korea before landing at Incheon International Airport

On the latter part of the year, I was able to jumpstart a new victory group and be more involved and committed in discipling.
At the start of the year I listed my 2017 FAITH GOALS. I think there are around 15 on the list. I’m pretty sure I wrote down travel goals, career goals and love life goals. I couldn’t find where I wrote it so I have no way of checking how many is left to be done for the last week of the year. But never mind, it’s not like I should check how many were accomplished and make a performance report on how God did. Because whether my faith goals were achieved or not, His love and faithfulness are already proven.
With everything that took place and did not take place, God has revealed the reason of my season. He taught me to take a pause, pray and trust. To stop pursuing what I think is best for myself and sincerely seek His purpose. “WAIT AND SEE”, He said. He was telling me to stop rushing into goals I have laid down for my own.

Pico De Loro, Batangas

He filled me with absolute joy. That kind of joy that isn’t relative. That I could look around me, see what my friends have, be sincerely happy for them and still feel complete myself.  That joy I wouldn’t have attained have I struggled to keep up with the season of others.

Cain needed to learn two important lessons:

  1. Do what God called him to do
  2. Let Abel do what God called Abel to do

*in reference to genesis 4:2

Heather C. King, Ask Me Anything, Lord

He had me practice praying earnestly and seek counsel from people He has put in my life. And developed a skill to hear His still small voice. I also learned humility and patience in the unlikeliest of places. He trained my eye to see beauty in the smallest of things. He assured me that it’s okay that I’m not dancing to the tune of this fast paced world and keeping up with the demands of my career. That for as long I’m keeping up with His tempo, I can always hope for the best. And most importantly, God is telling me to be expectant for the year to come because great things are ahead,


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