Do you ever go home after work and say to yourself, “I am super thankful that I get to do this everyday.”? I mean regardless if you have a busy toxic day at work, or if it was just pretty laid back. Regardless, if you’ve encountered difficult people or you’ve spent majority of the day trying to hush an irritable toddler so you could hear his breath sounds clearly.

Often we’re faced with split choices of either choosing work or passion. And most of the time, we could choose neither without sacrificing the other. And now I realized that we could have both once we choose to pursue purpose. It’s not about what we like or what the world wants for us. Its about pursuing our higher calling of being part of something bigger than ourselves. 

Here are some dont’s to help us get the best of both worlds. 

  1. Don’t aim to please others – whether it be your mom, dad, tito, tita, or lolo and lola. You can show them that you love them not because you pursued the dreams they wanted for you but you can do it by being the best version of who you are meant to be. It’s not rebellion. Its choosing to stand for your purpose. Seek out an understanding by building a relationship with them and learning to share your dreams and ideas. It may take time, because its a process, but hey what’s the rush? 


  1. Don’t let society pressure you. What brought others fame and fortune may not necessarily work for you. Not because its “in demand” its the best thing to do. You gotta find your own niche and make a mark. Also, don’t let the world rush your timeline. Who says its a rule that you have to be married by 25 or have your own house by 30 or you have to be CEO by 35? Relax, you have your own story. Don’t let society author it for you. 
  1. Don’t work because of money. It will burn you out. It will make you mediocre. It will rob you of joy. If your job doesn’t pay well, you’ll feel cheated. You’ll be sulky when your pay doesn’t arrive on time. You’ll overwork yourself because you want to earn more. Money in itself isn’t bad. But don’t let it lord over you. Don’t let it become your motivation. Find joy in what you do. 

“No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.” – Mathew 6:24

  1. Don’t aim to please yourself. Don’t do things because you want to feel good, or be popular or whatever it is for your own good. The world is not about you. Choose to look at your work on a greater perspective. If you are doctor, God is using you to heal people. If you are an artist, God is using you to bring color and beauty to lives of people. If you are a lawyer, God is using you to bring justice. If you are a financial advisor, God is using you to help people become good stewards of their blessings. God is your employer. So be sure to work excellently. And be careful to check your heart from time to time who you are aiming to please. 

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters” – Colossians 3:23

The catch is, our purpose doesn’t necessarily what we initially want. A chair never made the choice to be seated on. You can stand on it though if you you need to reach somewhere high or you could put chairs together and use it as a makeshift bed.  But either you destroy it in the process of using it for another function, you fail to maximize its intended use, or you end up hurting yourself. Sometimes, we have to be still, think it over  and re-read the manual from the maker if the purpose isn’t very obvious.


Once we pursue purpose, it feels like everyday is littered with opportunities to light up the tiny bulbs inside of us. That each moment is a step closer to being brighter. And we bring light to the places we’re in. We effect change the moment we seek, pursue and embrace the path we are truly called for. 

Our light is fueled by God. And its up to us to fan it into bigger flames. To burn blindingly is our choice to make. Its not dependent on our environment. You know how those glow-in-the-dark works? When exposed to light, it absorbs the light from it. And when the light is turned off, the glow-in-the-dark releases the stored energy and it lights up!, But it only lasts for a while. Let’s not be like those glow-in-the-darks that only shines for a while. 


Let us to tap into something infinite. Into something that cannot be consumed. Its a matter of plugging in to the right source. We can motivate ourselves all we want, we can screen cap inspiring quotes all we want, we can jump from one job to another, from one specialty to the other, all we want. But for as long as we have wrong mindsets, for as long as we let our surroundings dictate who we become, and how our light would last, how much we could shine – we are sure to burn out. The once fiery passion is left to die a silent death. 

It is not a matter of following our hearts. It is following the heart of God. We don’t live for ourselves. But we live for a greater vision. Of bringing light, effecting change and making an impact. 


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