“Ang daling sabihin na ayaw mo na, pero pinag-isipan mo ba?” – A Message To Doctors, My Colleagues

When we were in medical school, particularly the first 2  years, we were surrounded by passionate dreamers who will do whatever it takes to not just pursue but fight for their dreams. And earn their right to that highly coveted MD and brazen white coat. We were idealists, believing that we are the very change that healthcare is waiting to happen. By the time we reached tired year (Third Year) and 4th year, we were battle worn, battle scarred warriors, but warriors nevertheless who will never wave the flag of surrender. By the time we get to our board examination season, our wounds were healed we were tougher, braver,  but less passionate. 

By the time we got our licenses, we were as happy as we could ever be. Being on cloud nine was an understatement. We felt invincible. We felt so deserving after years and years and years of hard work and letting our youths gone by. #BLESSED. We were convinced that we were always meant to conquer the world. Months after the results are out, euphoria starts to wear off, reality sinks in. Another chapter awaits. And with so much pressure concoct with hesitation, most took the next step unwillingly. 

It has been 8 years since I entered medical school, maybe more or less years for you. But time has long passed when our passion used to burn in our hearts and made the young aspiring doctors in us believe that we can we can touch lives, inspire action and be the best version of ourselves.

Where has the fire gone? Who put it out? Is it our cruel mentors? The harsh medical field? The sad reality of healthcare? Our entitled patients? The unrewarding salary? Doctor, RETREAT! We have been in this battlefield for as long we can remember. Retreat is not a sign of defeat. We retreat, we take a pause so we can refocus,  reorganize, re-strategize. Only then can we be reminded of our purpose. Sometimes we lose sight of the vision, then we start to question the path we are taking. Your soul has been tainted with battle fatigue. You are just tired not a quitter. You know that. Breathe, you know you must. You are in a position that you prayed for, 5, 8 years ago. It’s about time to re-ignite the passion. Your purpose doesn’t depend on your circumstances. You may be weary but your purpose remains the same. A phone that ran out of battery never ceases its purpose of being a phone, you don’t throw it away, you just recharge it. 


You are indispensable. You are irreplaceable. There maybe hundreds of us doctors, but there will never be the same one as you. The moment you decide to stop living out your purpose excellently and lovingly you also deprive the people around you of the blessing, of the service you can give. 

Look back to the medical student that was you. Remind yourself of why you are doing this in the first place. Remember, you are meant for this. 



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