As I looked back to what has been this year, I felt like it wasn’t much. No big life events such as passing the Physician Licensure Exam in 2016 or medical school graduation in 2015. But as I look through my 2017 planner, there are actually a lot of little things that make this year [...]

Lessons Learned, Daddy Version

My relationship with daddy is relatively unique. Even when miles apart most times of the year, we maintain a good communication. Actually good is an understatement. I constantly tell him everything. With my dad, i can be a 5 year old pabebe Geng or a 15 year old clueless and vulnerable Gel or a 25 [...]

Lessons from Mommy

Lessons from Mommy

The best way to teach is to show how it is done. And my mom is one of my 2 all time favorite mentors. From her I learned to partake in the joy of others. One of the earliest memories I had of my mom is I think when I was about 3 or 4 [...]

Don’t Best Friend Me

Familiar with the heartbreaking valentine commercial Jollibee gave us? We all hurt for the best friend who lovingly and willingly watched at the sidelines. Let us look at the real culprit for this story that back stabbed our emotions. When most of my guy friends call they’d start “Dude!” and I’d say “Yes bro?” They’d [...]


Aminin mo minsan nakakainip maghintay. Lalo na kung ang lahat ng nasa paligid mo ay mabilis na lumilipas. Nasaan na? Traffic ba? Ang tagal baka nahagip ng motorsiklo habang tumatawid, ayun napilay, lalo tuloy tumagal. Madalas kaysa hindi, nakakadala na sumabay nalang sa agos, makisakay ika nga. Lalo na kung meron naman gustong humawak ng [...]

Death is Inevitable

It may actually be weird that my first post on my newly reactivated wordpress account would be about death. In less than 12 months, 10 months to be exact, four people close to my heart have gone to a better place. I have never experienced death before as real as now. Last summer one of [...]