Pre Duty From Repeat

Lately, I have been tired. I mean who doesn't? It has already been 6 months of this PRE DUTY FROM cycle. There are days when I’m just pumped up to go on duties. It’s actually kinda fun. The cases you get to see and the cool stuff you get to do. You get to poke [...]

I.M Awesome :))

So done with our IM rotation! well generally I'm happy its over only because it means i'm done with one of 4 major rotations for junior internship. I'm having separation anxiety right now haha! My apprehension before the start of June (IM rotation) was sky rocketing. Like hello! My first rotations were relatively chill and this [...]

7 Prayer Tips for the Finals

For all students, final examinations are just around the corner. Anxiety is running high. Social media is flooded with final exams rants. So keep calm and pray. Here are some prayer points that we need to be specific. 1. Pray to God. DIRECTLY. This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we [...]